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    Default Hello from Idaho

    New to the forums. Buying a Beltronics V8 from Best Buy and researching brought me here. My prior radar detector had issues and since buying my car 2 years ago I have been pulled over 3 times. Knock on wood I didn't recieve any tickets. Something to explain about what I drive is my car has 18s on it when it is supposed to run 16s. Dealership said they couldn't fix it. Only thing I could think of to help keep me on my toes was a radar detector.
    It doesn't help the big brother of my car is the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X. Every so often I get is your car an evo? I tell them no, just little brother. But it isn't just people whom I get attention from.
    Laser isn't used here but maybe 1 or 2 areas, so the V8 is perfect for a Daily Driver Radar Detector.
    As soon as I purchased mine yesterday I went out and drove around for more then 1 hour till I came upon a construction zone where the PSL dropped to 45. Normal PSL is 55 in that section and many didn't see the sign or just disregarded it. Just as I entered the zone which was at least 3/4 long my V8 went off. It was in Autoscan mode. Just as I reached the other end of the construction zone the V8 went 5/5 on the meter. After I drove up a ways I turned around to verify contact as I didn't see it because it was night. Once I go back I found at the starting point of the construction zone my contact with a customer. It was at that point I realized I made a good choice for my budget. Just wanted to share my first time contact with the V8.
    I know there are better detectors out there but for price and availability the V8 fit the bill. Look forward to being a member of this forum.

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    Default Re: Hello from Idaho

    If your "over" on your tire size,then yah,your speedometer is reading incorrectly,& you'll be getting tickets when you think you're at the PSL.Welcome aboard the Forum.

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    Welcome.....You have a lot to learn and this is a great place to start....



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