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    Default Hi just bought 9500ix

    Hi guys just bought a 9500ix and started using it yesterday but it seems after looking around the forum a little that i made the wrong decision even though it locks out false signals in the city and i want to be protected. Should i have bought a v1 or redline instead? i dont need amazing range just enough for me to slow down

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    Not a clue. However, I have a new Redline and I was considering to exchange it for the 9500ix but decided to leave well enough alone. With the 1.0.3 'Live' update I decided its about as good it gets for a glass-mount.

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    Why would you think it's a wrong decision? The IX is one of the top dogs in RD. The V1 K falsing gets very annoying when I go into an urban area with it.

    The range on the IX is just slightly less than a Redline or V1. But it's still high quality detection.
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    Welcome! You did good in your selection! Enjoy....



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