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    Default Bought used v1.8 Valentine One

    Paid $200 for it and I am in love with it. I guess you can say I am now addicted to countermeasures/radar detectors. Well a little about my self I am currently living in Lafayette, LA and New Orleans, LA. I decided to make the purchase of a V1 after reading countless reviews and how well it performed. I currently drive a 98 c230, not the cop magnet but I have received one speeding ticket in it, a month after I got the car. Well thats all the good stuff, I hope to learn a thing or two from everyone here.

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    Welcome! I've lived in Reserve and LaPlace. Had a V1 for 19 years and would own nothing else because I can program it for I/O and priority alarms. Enjoy a great RD.....

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    Welcome to The Forum

    Awareness can be addicting



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