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    Never owned an RD before, but have had too man,y "almost got me's," lately.
    I'm riding an R1150RS. Thinking V1, Escort 8500 or Adaptiv.
    Hanging here to learn more.
    BTW, I was all set to get a used V1 for $300.00 from a Craigslist Ad. SN checked out OK, Valentine comment was "This is our latest and best performer on both radar and laser.Radar circuitry known in-house as V1.8A-POP2 with Euro (whuh?) mode.
    But there were no accessories, box or manual....and he wanted to meet me TONIGHT, a little too urgent for me. So I listened to the voices in my head and bowed out.

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    Welcome! $300 is too much! Do check the SN to see if it is stollen on the Valentine website. You can get a returned V1 for a few dollars off. Beware on used RDs for they may have problems...



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