Hi, my Argentina's name is Wicket and she's about 10 months old, all black, with white paws and a white spot on her chin and belly. Anyway, it's been about 2 days that she's quite lazy, I'm not hearing her run on her wheel at night and I'm having a hard time convincing her to come out of her house. And right now, she acts like she's under hypnosis, she's moving in slow motion, I'm not kidding. So I let her go in her house and gave her some extra food. She took it from my hand and now she's sleeping again. That's not normal behaviour for her, because it's midnight and around this time she's very much alive and running around. She's done this once before some months ago, and after she slept it off she was back to her normal self, so I guess/hope this'll be the case again. Does anybody know if this is normal and what could be the cause of it? cheap louis vuitton shoes air max 2012 shoes louis vuitton leather belts