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    Hello Gang!!

    I currently own an Escort 8500 which I purchased roughly 7 years ago now, and I should have also joined this site back then as well .

    I recently sent my Passport in for repair. That dreaded Service Required would come on. I knew at one point that there was something wrong with the device when I beeped the Horn and "LASER" would scream at me, or If I just revved my engine and "LASER" would go Bananas.

    so Needles to say I sent in my Passport in for repair. It received the unit looking as if I purchased it Brand new out of the Box!! How ever ever since I received it, it seems as if it isn't picking any False alarms what so ever!!

    I read some where that this new software wasn't as reliable as it's predecessor. Is this true?

    Thank you

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    Hi Gang. Does any one have more info as to any software issues?

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    Quote Originally Posted by vr6fanatic View Post
    Hi Gang. Does any one have more info as to any software issues?
    I believe the new software on it is much better then the old.

    It kind of sounds like they sent you a new unit too. NICE !




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