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    Default New user interested in Bell STI Magnum

    Hey guys,

    New to this, just saying hi. Just started looking up radar with an actual interest in getting one recently. I'm in Ontario, so Bel STI Magnum or Redline seem to be my only options. I'm gearing myself more on the STI Magnum.

    Has anyone purchased from Radarbusters & got item shipped to ON? Does it say on the package what it is? Any brokerage or customer fee's after price & shipping?

    Anyhow, thanks for reading, will wait for reply.

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    Default Re: New user interested in Bell STI Magnum

    Just ordered a Magnum Sti from RB and it was shipped and delivered in a week to me in Ontario.

    The shipping fees were near $70 but I think it included the fees prepaid with Fdex (I hope!).



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