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    Default Greetings From Mississippi!!!

    I live in Booneville Mississippi and own an Escort 9500ix and would love to hear about others experiences with their 9500ix in Mississippi as well as in other states. I am also an Ole Miss fan and graduated from there in 1989 and have a Masters of Counseling Psychology from Mississippi College in 1998. I have one daughter and am married for 16 years this year.

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    Congrats on being happily married for that long. You can learn a lot about countermeasures on this forum, and find some interesting reading. However, take some information with a grain of salt. I just recently purchased a 9500ix, it would seem to be more of a city environment detector due to the ability to lockout false alarms. MHP likes to use a combination of instant-on K and Ka band here in south mississippi. Not sure about laser in your part of the state, but you would need jammers for that anyhow. Enjoy!

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    Welcome! I was raised just east of you in Tishomingo County in my earily years. As the other member stated, watch out of for the nasty I/O (instant-on) hits....



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