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    Question Janet from CA looking for info on how to beat a radar speeding ticket

    Hello All: I found this site on my own today. I want to fight a speeding ticket I received this morning because I do not believe I was going as fast as the motorcycle officer said I was (radar). There's a short distance between each signal and it would take effort to go as fast as he said he got me on radar. I personally think he just randomly selected me. I was on a road I travel every day and was not late for anything. I was going 42 in a 45 last I looked. I know where these guys park and wait to catch someone - I saw him and was not worried. After we stopped, he would not take his sunglasses off and would not look me in the eye while he was asking me questions (didn't I see the speed limit sign? do I always drive that fast? etc) - had his head turned to the side until he asked for my ID. I told him I actually knew the speed limit but was a little nervous because he pulled me over. Any advice on what to do in court?

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    Default Re: Janet from CA looking for info on how to beat a radar speeding ticket

    Welcome. There is a section on the forum for beating traffic tickets and the membes will ring in on your concerns there. If the Leo was using radar, his target display will read the strongest signal while watching you....



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