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    Cool Helllo All - Have A Question

    Hi all. I am new to this forum, and would like to introduce myself, as well as ask a question.

    I have had a Redline for about two years. In the past 6mo I have noticed the unit is very quiet.

    I also have a V995.

    I have noticed that when I plug my 995 in my 2nd power input, my Redline will invariably alert (especially during times when I see a leo)

    At first I felt this must be a result of interference. But after testing it many times,
    I noticed my Redline does not alert every time to other unit is turned on, but does alert when (at least I feel) it should alert (ie I see a LEO ahead) Therefore, I do not think the result is fortuitous.

    I have read where RD's can go "blind" - wondering if this might be happening.

    Or, perhaps it is an electrical issue, and that (somehow) by plugging in another RD in my 2nd electrical input, it regulates the electricity to the Redline, activating it.

    Anyone have any ideas?

    Thanks so much!

    Redline, Passport 8500 X50, V995, V995 (S7)
    Scanners: HomePatrol-1, PSR-700
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    Looks like you power source is not constant when you plug the second RD into the plug, interm disconnection, prove with other plug in devices and note off/on trends. I would not run two Rds together even some other members do, for no proven test have been done yet, only for test. The Redline will be affected by other Rds around. Do not assume that the Leo has C/O radar......

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    Thanks for your help. Yes, I don't usually have two, but just noticed this. I think you are right about the power.

    I wonder if (on the other hand) my RD sometimes temporarily goes "blind" - that if turning POP on might prevent this, as it would need to be in constant search -- though I know that the research from GOL shows POP on slightly slows alerts.

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    You might try this. Go and find a door opener at different distances (different strenghts)(k band) and test the two RDs together. Each far apart and also looking into each other with the Redline still pointing and alaming at the door opener. You might see the Redlind go blind or effected under certain situations. Also find a sitting Ka Leo with C/O. then let us know what you find!.....(note if weak initial alerts are block or delayed)
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