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    Default New & Have Questions?

    I admire the way this forum is layed out and appreciate the invitation to become a part of it. I am new obviously, but I am very intrigued by Radar Detectors and this seems to be the forum that shares that same idealogy.

    First off I'd like to say hello. Now I would like to follow up with several questions if you guys/girls don't mind.

    I am currently in search of a respectable/reliable Radar Detector. If I were to break the bank with a top of the line detector, do any of them have Ka-Band segmentation? Meaning, is it possible to turn certain Ka-Band frequencies on or off. In my state 33.8GHz, Photo Radar, and Laser are not used. Therefore, I would love the ability to just have K-Band (25.150Ghz), Ka-Band (34.7GHz), and Ka-Band (35.5GHz) so the detector doesn't have to religiously repeat the scanning of unneeded/unnecessary RF bands.

    The above is just an inquisitive question. Logically, if the above is not possible then I am searching for an appropriate Radar Detector that would suit my needs. I would prefer a remote detector, but the only one that isn't outrageously expensive is the Whistler Pro-3600. The reviews on it seem to be quite well for what it is. I realize that it cannot compete with a V1 or Redline but does it give enough warning to warrant its sub $300 dollar price tag?

    I have checked out and narrowed my decision down too (unless there is a detector that is capable of turning off specific Ka Frequencies):

    Beltronics V995
    Whistler Pro-3600
    Whistler Pro-78SE
    Whistler XTR-690SE
    Whister XTR-695SE

    Which of the above would you recommend to me? In the state were I reside the frequencies in use are 35.5GHz (Primary), K-Band (Secondary), and rarely 34.7GHz. My friend has a detector with Frequency ID which I think is relatively unique and usefull as I have seen many falses on a 33.8Ghz range from Cobra detectors. The terrian is quite hilly with numerous turns and significant foilage. I don't plan on driving like I'm in the Indianapolis 500, so I just want a decent detector that alerts me to a cop in the vicinity. I have researched all of these detectors and they all seem to have there ups and downs.

    The Beltronics downfall is that there is no ramp up. My friends will just be chirping at one bar for quite awhile and then just start screaming full alert. On the other hand his detector seems to pick up 35.5GHz quite well and way before a cop is in site. On the other hand, the Whistlers seem to have a very nice ramp up and are reliable against I/O.

    The Whistlers I read have an issue with X & K-Band confusion. Does this issue still exist? I live out in the sticks so X-Band is never used by anyone or anything, but it would be nice to shut it off so the detector doesn't have to scan a useless frequency. I just don't want to drive into town with X-Band turned off and have it scream K-Band at me. I also read that Ka Max mode works quite well.

    Does Ka-Max mode beat the V995?

    Out of the ones that I listed, which one would you recommend and why?

    Thank you for inviting me and if you do respond I appreciate any viable information regarding these detectors. I have checked GOL and the V995 seems to have a slight edge but the tests were done in 2009 so I'm not quite convinced of the accuracy as it is three years later.


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    Default Re: New & Have Questions?

    Welcome! My answer would be none of the above. Why? Cannot get something for nothing and all RDs do not give a person everything they want. You can get a returned Valentine from Valentine for just a little more money. It depends where you are and where you drive. If you think any RD will save you, think again. A RD is just one tool. You have done your home work, congrads! Some people want a RD that alarms only when the Leo has his radar on, you know about I/O, you know about falses, you know about laser. For me, a V1 is great for my needs, a 2 volume priority alarm RD to keep from spiking the brakes every time, no 2-4 second alarm delay from I/O, and I can program the V1 the way i want it mostly, no other RD can do those things. I've used a v1 for 19 years and my last paying ticket was with an Escort. Let others chime in because I do not want to lead you into getting a V1. Your on the right track but do be warned, you will get caught with or with out a RD if you do not follow the rules of speeding.........
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