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    Hello all. I'm pretty fed up with the whole model of passing out tickets to generate revenue so after landing my second ticket in the last month I decided to invest in a radar detector and have been researching into other countermeasures as well. This is not so that I can speed around with impunity, it's just to level the playing field a bit so that I'm less likely to be the chosen target when the cops are shooting fish in a barrel of traffic that's all going 10 over the limit.

    I'm currently in the process of installing the Whistler Pro 3600 with GPS into my E46 BMW 325xi. After searching around I definitely prefer to custom install a semi-hidden detector as opposed to the typical windshield mounted variant. It's coming along pretty nicely and I'll post some pictures after I finish. I would have liked to get the STiR+ but it was quite a bit more expensive than the Whistler. According to some of the reviews I found the Whistler performs pretty well, especially given its low price point.

    I was also thinking about painting my front lights and plate with Veil to help give a bit of warning time for laser threats before they nail me. A laser jammer would be nice, but they are illegal here in Colorado so I'd rather avoid those hefty fines the next time I get pulled over. The idea behind all this is to avoid tickets.

    So my question is, being that my car is metallic silver is there any point to using Veil? Or will my front end (which is fairly flat and perpendicular to the road) be so reflective anyway that applying Veil to the lights and license plate would be pointless? I'm an artist and I use an airbrush frequently so getting a nice finish will not be a problem.

    Here's an image of what my car looks like. This is not mine personally, but looks nearly identical.

    Thanks in advance for any advice!

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    Welcome! Head to the jammer section!



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