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    Default new Beltronics V6 owner in Kansas- How much trust in Detector?

    Hello all, I'm a new Beltronics V6 owner and am curious about how much you trust these things? So far it seems pretty neat but I haven't had much opportunity to see its range. I usually run 10-15 over or so and constanly catch myself slamming my brakes on hills or when I see car lights way ahead. So, my question is how much do you "trust" your Beltronics? Am I just being parenoid and should rely on it more? Also, most of our rural cop cars around here are using old K band but we are in a hilly area..

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    Default Re: new Beltronics V6 owner in Kansas- How much trust in Detector?

    Welcome! I trust only my Valentine One to let me know if I'm hit with I/O but there are laser and cameras! LOL.. A RD is just one tool, your eyes, traffic around you, got to work everything in the do's and don'ts in speeding because it is a costly game and we all lose at one time or another. Read and learn to lessen your odds of a paying ticket.....



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