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    Default Greetings from a prior member (12wheeler)

    Back on the site after a 3 year absence, Roy told me if you haven't logged on in a while, your name is purged.

    My first rd was a Fuzzbuster II* which at times was hidden in a cut out tissue box on the dash to hide it from nosy LEOs. Had a Fox XK Remote* on my bike and even had the first Escort from ye old Cincinnati Microwave. Add in a couple of Escort 7500*'s, an 8500 pre x-50 that's now in my wife's car and a STi Driver that is being shipped back to me on Friday as a Magnum that goes in my F250 KR or if I'm driving the wife's sports car. I still have the * rds on my shelf.

    Both car and truck are direct wired with remote mute. I run POP on (here in Florida) and x off. My next detector will have GPS and arrows (a little bird told me it's a commin'). The only Cobra product's I ever had (and will ever have) was a Cobra AM FM Radio/CB for my '79 Gold Wing which was so so and another CB which was a no no.

    I wonder if I qualify to be a member of the forum?

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    Default Re: Greetings from a prior member (12wheeler)

    Welcome back! And yes....And we do wish for the GPS with arrows also....



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