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    Default New Whistler XTR-140 owner!

    Hey Everyone,

    I just bought a Whistler XTR-140 off of It's clearly an entry level Radar Detector ($40), so I'm not looking for too many bells and whistles, I just want it to warn me if I'm being scanned. Have any of you had good or bad experiences with this unit? I've passed at least two cop cars so far, and the Whistler hasn't chirped a bit. I get stray X from driving around town, but no K or Ka. Do cops usually keep their radar guns off? Should I trust this unit to warn me?



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    Default Re: New Whistler XTR-140 owner!

    Welcome! Do not trust any (used) cheap unit to do anything much (no Cobras). With lidar and I/O (instant-on) radar, your screwed anyway. Speeding is a costly game and one will lose at some point in time. The X band alarms are old door openers, look for a CVS or a strip mall door opener for K band for a check. Yes, Leos mostly (40%- just a guess depends on your area Leos) do keep the radar on standby. I would send the unit back and get my money back, that is my advice. Check out "guys of lidar" on the web to learn more.....



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