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    Default Hello please! Veil stained my paint!

    I have read some posts about Veil staining folks paint and wish I would have found those posts before purchasing the product because I would have thought long and hard before buying it if so.

    Today I applied Veil by the instructions and watching the video of application and followed it to the tea, shook it up and waited 5 minutes, while waiting taped the lights. Things were going alright till there was a spot where the Veil liquid decided to run as its not that thick at all when alyong it and runs like water, I swear to you that it wasn't more than 15 seconds that the drip was sitting there when I glanced back and saw the run I immediately wiped it up, but a stain had already appeared down the run...*sighs*

    So I check the wonderful manual (not) to see where I could get some technical help, could not find a customer service number anywhere in the manual or online on their site, so I saw where it said to use ammonia, just so happens zi had some ammonia straight up concentrated so mixed and applied to stain and began to try and wipe it off, no amount of scrubbing with ammonia would get it off, so tried compound wax, go. I do have some acetone paint thinner but am reluctant in trying to use it yet but will as a last resort.

    So is there any other way, short of me trying to use acetone I am looking at a friggin paint job! I sure wish they would have given a warning more than just saying for an extended period of time, what's the definition of extended in Veil's dictionary (1 minute ?), didn't even take but 30 seconds...come on. And don't complain that folks ***** about your product if you aren't going to provide public ways of reaching you directly about problems with your product to publicly give the ways of fixing the problems that are run into, which you don't apparently; seems only when someone has issue you will privately get a hold of them. Well get a hold because this is just bad business. I have thrown your product in file 13 and now would like to know to what extent I'm going to have to spend more of my hard earned $, this is supposed to cost me less the a ticket mind you...

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    Default Re: Hello please! Veil stained my paint!

    Welcome! Repost on the Veil section and your answers will be answered!....

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    Default Re: Hello please! Veil stained my paint!




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