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    Default Hello from Florida!

    Hey everyone! New member here from central Florida. I am currently trying to decide between an Escort Passport 9500ix and the Valentine One and thought I would join here to get opinions.

    Look forward to "talking" with everyone!

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    In your case it will depend on how much you can handle false alerts. First of all, have you ever owned a detector? Some haven't and have no clue about falses...

    9500IX will provide you a false alert-free environment on your day to day commute after a few days. If you are in the country or don't mind false alerts, the V1 is definitely the best choice as it is the best windshield detector out there when it comes to overall performance.

    The instant-on and rear detection performance and the arrows makes the V1 the best out there for windshield detectors. I would personnaly never recommend the IX to anyone EXCEPT to someone that absolutely hates falses and cannot stand them.

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    X2! Welcome also from a former Central FL dude. Both units have the pros and cons and you have to decide what you want in a RD. The Escort is a Metro RD and the V1 is still the overall best standard that others compaire to. The Redline (with live) in the future may have the same (more) features as the 9500ix and even beat the V1 in faster performance, wait and see. I was in Orlando with my V1 at a popular shopping strip area and had 8 door openers all going at one time, so I turned off the unit. Around in St. Pete, the V1 is noisy but I program the unit for my needs. Like the other member stated, can you stand false alarms and learn how to read them over time? With the 9500ix, you will have to lock the falses out by hand on your normal route after a few runs to tell which is real. If I ran the same pattern in a Metro area, I would go with the Escort. But with the V1, after 19 years, I would have nothing else for it fits my programming and performance needs like no other RD can (two volume priority alert system for I/O Ka), not that good in a city if you hate falses. You have to decide.....
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