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Thread: Hi from N.C.

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    Hello. Look forward to learning a little more about rd's and staying out of trouble..... both in here and on the road. I've owned probably 10+ detectors through the years but I'm detector-less at the moment.

    I live just outside of Charlotte and we have, or at least had, VASCAR. I know from personal experience. I know the rd's won't pick it up but I wonder if they're identifiable some other way ?

    Have a good day.

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    Welcome! The eyes are the best bet to beat the timing device. Eye saves and check out Trapster's map on the web (Trapster) for Leo's best hiding spots....

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    Welcome to the site.

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    Thank you. Just downloaded the Waze app to my iphone. Could be interesting. So could the factory refurb RX65 I just bought.

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    VASCAR is a simply timing how long it takes you to get between two points.
    Usually VASCAR lines on the road are solid white lines that may stretch across the entire road or just on the shoulders. Some of the most hardcore even an purchase aircraft collision avoidance system for there vehicle.




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