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    I'm from the Cleveland area, and have been using my V1 for over 10 years now. I drive a 2011 BMW 328ix and just discovered this forum while searching for a way to "color code" the band warnings on my V1. I've decided that its unfortunate that everything has to be red, when in fact I think it would be exceptionally helpful to have different colors for K, Ka and Laser. I realize there are colored remote units, but I just stick my V1 on my windshield and go from there, so I have no need for a concealed unit.

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    Welcome to the forum.

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    Welcome! There is a member who does LED changes and also someone used an ideal to use colored film to go over the LEDs. Cleveland, went there a couple of times for training, it was cold. The red LEDs are a pain sometimes, but I programmed the V1 for a 2 volume priority alarms (weak x/k band at a lower tab volume for a notice and everything else gets my attention at the loud main volume (laser/ka) so I don't need to look at the V1).

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    He must be K-band muting unless he doesn't go near an Ohio highway as traffic sensors are litered and probably noisey with a decade old unit.




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