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    Hey guys I've been a long time lurker of this forum I owned an Acura Tsx which I had a pro-78se hardwired in, the car flooded and was totaled I now drive a 2005 f250 which sometime the pro78 is used in but mostly it's in my fiancés car(Lexus is300) and I'm looking for a new detector for my truck. Really would like to go w an escort 9500 but have been considering the 8500 x50 to save a few bucks, also plan to add a cb in the very near future and would love to add jammers at some point (mainly the front) laser isn't too popular here I've experienced it 2 times here and I know the 250 is a pain in the but to get to jamm good ESP since I have the chrom grill and bumper and also the truck is white then you have the shear size of the rolling army tank! Any help or suggestions as to what detector would be a good choice around the 2-500$ range and maybe what jammers I should consider for the future !? Any help is greatly appreciated and I'll continue to browse and read more around here you guys are great and I've learned some good stuff so far .

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    Welcome to the site.




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