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    The are many different types of speeders out there.

    Bad time management skills, adreniline junkies, heavy feet,

    accidentally, and emergency situations.

    I admit, Radar/Laser detectors and jammers are cool gadgets, but

    they are just that, cool gadgets.

    If you were in a situation where someone was trying to shoot you,

    side swipe you by spinning out your car, etc, would you use safe

    evasive manuvers limited to but not including speeding and or

    running lights, or are you the type to fight back and destroy them?

    Personally I would not mind using the flight complex thinking with

    evasive driving not just because I am a professional driver, but

    because I would still be alive the next day to pay possible incured

    tickets and or insurance spikes.

    Yes you could be a dick about it, go to court and try to fight the

    insurace pts, etc, but is not a few hundred dollars, or even a few

    grand in fines worth it to be alive to speak about it?

    In respect, jamming cop vehicle speed enforcement systems will not

    help your situation.

    These marketed products are only for habitual/pleasure speeders

    which is the reason why I am convinced is not something I am

    interested in purchasing, but dont let me make up your mind.

    If anything, I will give the auto makers a free patent idea, and add

    a loud chime or alarm built in to the car based on the mph guage or gps locations

    that go off whenever someone exceeds the limit, also make it so that

    it cant be disabled. People will be so annoyed, they will not speed.

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    Perhaps your in wrong place.




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