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    Howdy! Well, I joined up quite a few years ago, and shamefully to say, I am just getting around to more of the posting thing now.
    Since joining, I have been reading through everything and there is quite a lot of great information to be had here.
    Now that I have moved south (I used to be in the New England area) I am seeing a lot more enforcement than I used to, so hopefully I'll have either useful things to add to the community or at least a story or 2.
    Thanks to everyone for making the last few years of reading fun and educational!
    I know where I am, it's the location of everything else in relationship to me that I have the problem with!
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    V1: Ver. 3.894 with V1C & CD, running YaV1
    LI: 8.9 HP Heads [2F / 2R] - f/w 8.18 / 8.18 Super Clear Short Voice Pack
    Itronics ITB-100 Front / Rear w/ (2) Class 10 - 30MB/s - 32Gb - Sony SD HC
    Motorola Moto X - Android 4.4.2 KitKat
    Wilson 4G Cellular Signal Booster

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    Welcome back! I do make things interesting for sure! LOL......



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