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    Talking Hello from Texas

    Hi guys! Im a current RD user and new to this forum. I currently run an Escort Redline with Escort Live. I love my Redline but Escort Live needs some work. I owned an Escort X50 before this. I currently belong to the Escort Radar forum but I am looking to branch out and get others opinions on things.

    Hello again

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    So my only reply is an ad. Lol nice.

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    Welcome from Arizona! I guess a lot of folks are already out and about while a few of us are stuck inside. The temp is currently 114-degrees so I'm still deciding if there is anything I need to do. Anyway, I too have the Redline and its great, but I'm currently running the V1 with Waze.
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    Welcome from another one from the Republic of Texas. They will get around to you soon enough.

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    Welcome to the forum and yeah Live do have some work but it's improving so give it a little time.



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