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    Default Upgrading Bel 870 to Bel V8

    Hey everyone,
    I have been looking to upgrade my trusty 12 y/o + Bel 870.
    My buddy has a Escort Passport with Escort Live and I thought Escort Live looked pretty cool and useful.
    I have been looking around for RDs compatible with Escort Live and I finally picked up the Bel V8.
    How many of you guys have Escort Live and what do you guys think of it?
    Also, what do guys think of the Bel V8? Is it good? I have 30 days to try it out and I can exchange in that time if I want to.

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    Default Re: Upgrading Bel 870 to Bel V8

    The V8 is an M4-based 955...which is to's good. But don't buy into Bel's 6x/8x/10x marketing-hooey...a properly working M4 performs at basically the same level as another M4.

    But at $229, it's not a bang-for-the-buck.
    Similar story for the $229 PRO-200...which is also the Vector 955 again.

    So...talking numbers and including:
    * authorized retailer
    * factory warranty available
    * new condition (not used or refurb)
    * Escort Live compatible

    So at the ~$230-level, I'd look at:
    * Get another $20 for an RX65 at $250
    * Save up another $100 for a GX65 at $330
    * Get a Vector 955 for $145 and use the savings for Escort Live or something

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    Default Re: Upgrading Bel 870 to Bel V8




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