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    New and looking for answers.
    Would like to see an update from the GOL..
    I also just registered at the Escort Forum (Thought it covered Bel also, but I guess not)
    So, I live in Florida. 57 Years old and work in the Medical Field.

    Let me start off my first post with my first question.
    I have a RX65 that I purchased 4 months ago.
    How do I tell of it has the S7 or the M4 horn?

    I suspect it has the M4..

    Does the Pro 300 also have the M4?

    Sure would like to see some new tests on all the new Radar Detectors..

    Waving a hand.. ~~~~

    Let me look around and search for some answers..

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    Welcome to the forum and it's most likely if you brought it from the bel company it a M4 horn. Escort have them from time to time on the there ebay sites that have the S7 horn but it want have the TSR on it.



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