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    Default Hello! Looking for information on Scanner / Jammers

    Hey guy's,

    Been modding cars since 2008. I have a 2004 Audi A4. It's OEM+ with some subtle interior/exterior modifications. I've always been into long distance highway drives and that has what brought me to these forums. I previously had an Escort 8500 X50.

    My interior gadgets now consist of an Escort Redline on a Blendmount and for a CB radio I run a Midland 75-822 with a Lil' Wilson 36" Mag Mount.

    At this point, i'm looking for information on purchasing the right set of laser jammers and a police scanner to keep me up-to-date on my surroundings and to fill my want of having more in-car gadgets.

    Right now, my eye is on the Laser Interceptor "DUAL" and the Uniden Home Patrol (GPS compatible and automatically updates zipcode as you travel on the highway). Would love to hear your opinions on what Laser jammers and police scanner I should pick up for strictly long highway drives, not looking for city scanning.


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    Default Re: Hello! Looking for information on Scanner / Jammers

    Welcome! LI's are the best....



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