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    Watsup, just got my first radar detector, i hope to stick around here for awhile.

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    and when do i get to post in the escort section? i will have 2 posts now and i think my new passport 8500 x50 might be malfunctioning? i go away to school in a few days so i'd like to post in that section asap incase i gotta return it. went by 4 cop cars (3 marked/1 unmarked) on the way home from north jersey and it didnt go off once. did all of them not have radar on? im getting signals but have yet to see a cop and have it go off. It was being used in a 2008 jeep wrangler sahara. I will be using this on my 2002 camaro ss tho and dont kno if it makes a difference? any help is appreciated.



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