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    Cool New forum member from VA...

    STi Magnum or Redline?

    Yes, I know RD's/jammers are illegal here in the Old Dominion, but if they're going to EM me, then I'm going to use some of the best ECM measures available, just in spite of them. I have a STi Magnum and have been very pleased with its performance. I started off with the STi Driver, but had it upgraded to the STi Magnum as soon as the option became available. I now just found a few forum entries where Radar Roy says the Escort Redline is one of the best available (but it doesn't have the "TotalShield Technology" needed to defeat the Spectre RDD). I've seen other posts comparing the two as almost equal units. At $500 each, I would hope that both are top of the line. I've considered the ZR-4 Shifter, but after receiving the unit, installation could be a nightmare, especially for my model of car. I would've had to cut two rectangular holes in my front bumper facia for the front head units unit to work properly. There goes any inconspicuous looks as far as the police are concerned...I'm almost sure they'd know what they were looking at. Also, the $450 price tag of the ZR-4 on top of the $500 Magnum detector is a bit pricey. I've found I only go over the speed limit a few miles an hour, if even that much since having bought the Magnum. The faster one goes, the less reaction time one has to slow down, unless a radar/laser jammer (a really GOOD one) is in use and even then you have to be alert 100% of time if you're going over the speed limit at all. Almost every cruiser in my area is equipped with a radar/laser device of some type...the good ole' days are certainly gone for good!
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    I have the Redline and it's works great when I drive through VA; I've heard good things about the Magnum, but I've never used one so far. If you are serious about laser jamming, look to the LI (personal experience) or the new Blinder system. From what I have seen over the past few years, the novelty of long range lidar shots have been replaced with "ambush" style lidar shots, usually around 500'; so getting a high powered, effective jamming system is worth it.


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    Welcome and Central VA here. I had a V1 but sold it for a RL becasue of the Spectre. I have no complaints with it so far and have owned it for a couple of years now. I do miss my arrows though.

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    [QUOTE......faster one goes, the less reaction time one has to slow down......[/QUOTE]

    One has also to consider the RD. The typical user's RD takes about 2-5 seconds to alarm due to filtering and design to prevent falses. The Leo has already determined if he is going to persue the target before the RD alarms most of the time so it does not matter if one is alert or not with a slow filtered RD......
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