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    Hi I'm new. I drive a dark red ford focus (hatchback) I currently have beltronics Rx65. With escort live direct chord. I drive I -15 corridor to 29 palms frequently. Rd has saved me frequently on Ka bands. I've had only 2 laser encounters in Joshua tree,ca (sheriff) I think never got pos. I.D. I wasn't. Speeding. I'm considering sr4 laser shifter or saving for the higher rated laser jammer .im concerned about low ratings on Sr4 . Will it do good enough for small dark car and rare laser encounters?? Or would I be wasting my money by going cheaper?? Any feed back or opinions apreciated

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    Welcome! LIs are what the lidar guys like. Maybe a jammer member can jump in or go the laser section where the pros on lidar are at and ask away......



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