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    I live in Mosgiel, Dunedin, New Zealand

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    Hello Terry from New Zealand wanting to know the in & outs of Radar Detectors.
    I have been reading your opinions on what works best.
    In New Zealand our police have the Hawk & Stalker Radars with two attenna system in car.
    They have mobile speed cameras.
    They have stationary cameras on poles with markings on the road to show tringing point.So G.P.S. is good for these.
    Then they have the laser gun.
    It is legal to use a radar detector but not a jammer as far as I know.
    I am looking at the Valentine 1 but it doesn't have G.P.S.not that matters because I know where most of those pole cameras are in this area.
    The reason why I am looking at this is the New Zealand police are getting 4 Million dollars worth of up graded radars. Cameras on the ultra low frequency.
    It is getting harder & harder to not get a speeding ticket because of all the equipment that they have got.
    I don't speed much I travel at the same speed the traffic goes at but sometimes you get people doing things you don't like so you just want to get away from that.I find my radar detector makes me more aware of my speed.
    So what is best ?


    P.S.I hope this is ok to ask.

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    Welcome! I do not know if trapster (it is free) is in your country or anything like it. It tells the locations of the cameras, check it out on the web for an example what to search for. There are several red light cameras detectors on the market for around $100 bucks with free updates. Then again, not sure about you area. You can check out Escort/Bel products with the camera detectors built in, but you may have to pay a yearly cost to update after the first year. Other members can chime in on more info....

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    Default Re: Terry should be in his country. I've been running it since June but haven't cross a fixed camera yet.




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