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    Default Hi, new V1 owner

    I have a new V1 for 2 monthes now and love it. I had a redline and x 50 m4 and i prefer the v1, but I am searching for the best RD on the market, is it the bel stir-plus? Is the V1 good at off axis, i am still not sure what off axis refers too. Looking forward to posting more, thanks.

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    Welcome! Best depends on what your needs are. Check out "Guys of Lidar" on the web and you will get a lot of your answers. On the V1, the Ka Guard has about a 2 second delay (filtering delay) which hurts off-axis (not forward, off to the side) detection. The front horn of the V1 is more directional (looking forward) and less to the side which the rear horn does more of. Remotes do not have to look thru glass and has larger horns...



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