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    Default Passport 4500 specs

    I have a Passport, vintage 1993. I know. It is ancient by todays standards, and 19 years old. I am aware however, that the Escort 8500 is 13 years young and going strong, even by todays standards. My question is exactly how obsolete is the old 4500? Are there any comparisons or test results for the Passport 4500 in which it might be compared with anything current?

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    Man, that's an old unit. It can't be tuned either. I think escort will give you $80 towards a new X50 or the like. I would not rely on the 4500 to keep my license clean. I dug around and found an old test on the 4500. Hope this helps. Lidar enters the radar wars

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    I suspect you are correct. It was good in its day, but that day has passed. I did not know that it could not be tuned. Escort offered me $40 on a trade, but I was intending to go with a 8500 refurb, but then decided on a Beltronics 940. It seems like the 940 and 955 are virtually identical performance wise, except the 955 offers autoscan as an option. Since I live in the country and always drive in Highway mode, this is unimportant to me.



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