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    Default I joined this site a few months ago, and I see things are still going Strong..

    Im grew up in Central MI(Mt. Pleasant area) CMU, Soaring Eagle Casino & Resorts are the maim spots, + the many, many Sport Bars,College bars,etc. (Nice Eye candy still) Yes, Im 40!! ~

    I have been using Bel radars since 1988, The good old vector eye, it was good for its time when I was driving a 1977 Levy 1/2 ton 350/4-Barrell causing Friday nights with my friends.

    Then in mid 90 to 2000 I bought one of those highend STi, It could be a 840 or so on, it has voice, tutorial,etc. That one always had problems with required service until it warmed up. Im sure it was a earlier S7. But it did work great durring Highway driving. Still had many falses for back then. But I know $400.00 wasn't a chump of change back then when your younger, I think you paid for the Features.

    Now I have my v995 S7 worked great from like 2004 to late june 2012, and I have been using my trusty Bel 795 Express. (I call this little Gem under rated) Back then I read on the posts about these, this post actually and read the tests. Went to RadioShack and got one for like $85.00. Never a problem, even has pop3,etc. Still picks up constan on at a good distance and I/o at a descent distance if you have cars well ahead of you. Its a m4 base. I just scored a Rx65 s7, and should have that next week.

    Anyways, You all seem like a great bunch of Members on hear, helping others solve and suggest problems.

    Duane, MI

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    Default Re: I joined this site a few months ago, and I see things are still going Strong..

    Yelp, still nothing going for new products much.....



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