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    New here from Kentucky!!! I have been looking around the forums as a guest for awhile. Need some help and look forward to great information!!!

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    Hey all, I guess I have to be approved before I can post to other threads so I will ask here.
    I live in kentucky. I drive a 2004 Pontiac vibe ( White in Color ). I normally drive 70 on the highway ( 55 PSL ) and around 80-85 on the interstate ( 70 PSL ). I currently only have a 36 dollar cobra detector for countermeasures!
    Here I go! I have been doing a tremendous amount of research and I have decided on a Escort 9500 IX to replace my detector. I debated between a redline or 9500 IX and finally decided on the 9500 IX because I really like the false alert lockout. ( My wife hates the detector noise ). I realize it has slightly less range than the redline but I believe the extra settings give it an advantage for me. I believe it still tested at very good ranges for around curve and overhill tests. I drive probably 90% of the time on state highways and in town. I only get on the interstate during vacations. Those don't come as often as I would like !!
    I also have decided to get a black bra for the front of my car to reduce its reflectivity to lidar and am going to order the veil G4 for my front headlights and fog lights! ( Kentucky DOES NOT require a front plate! )
    I guess this leads me to my question! I have been looking at jammers. I don't have a ton of money so please don't recommend the Laser interceptor quads because as much as I would like them I can't afford it.
    Esort ZR4? I know that they are not as good as laser interceptor but I have seen post by ( The veil Guy ) who says they work pretty good with veil G4 added in real world senerios.
    Pros: Price is cheaper and in my range. Would link with my 9500 IX.
    Cons: No way the single rear shifter head with veil on the tail lights and plate would protect my white vibe. No downloadable firmware updates.

    Laser interceptor dual: Amazing documented results! The best out there
    Pros: Excellant jamming quality, Does have downloadable firmware for new guns, No jamming codes,
    Cons: More expensive, Zero protection with the dual setup for the rear of my white car ( Even though I agree the zr4 would probably be close to zero on my white vehicle ), Will not link to 9500 IX

    Basically I am at a crossroads and need some advise. Do I get the cheaper zr4 which links to my 9500 IX and provides ( HOWEVER LIMITED ) rear protection. but has no firmware updates or do I spend the extra money for the laser interceptor duals and write off the rear of my vehicle as far as lidar goes, but have downloadable firmware for future guns?

    I may be wrong but I believe either would provide decent protection to the front of my car with the black bra and veil combined with the jammer. I believe it will just be very hard to protect the back of my white car ( NO MATTER WHAT ) because it is a hatch back, so it has a large vertical white surface area.

    Opinions? Advise?

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    Default Re: Hello Everyone!

    Do study "Guys of Lidar" on the web for you will get several answers you need.....




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