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    So I've been a lurking member for a while. I'm from Virginia and was looking at getting an STI driver because detectors are illegal in Virginia. The reason why I'm finally posting is because I'm taking a State and Local Government course in college, and we had to write a paper about a policy we would change in our state. My topic is for VA to repeal the current legislation and to allow radar detector use in the state. The problem I'm having is finding scholarly sources as to why 49 states allow radar detector use? To me, it makes more sense to not allow them (though I still would like to get an STI driver). Common sense says the reason you would get a radar detector is to know when the cops are ahead and to slow down. Any help would be appreciated

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    Welcome. The reason is because someone introduced a bill to not allow RDs like in VA, no scholarly sources persay. Could be for one reason, safety, to prevent speeding deaths......



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