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    Default New and Need Help Pls. I5 Disneyland Trip in 2 days!

    My family lives in Northern Ca and we travel to Anaheim to go to Disneyland several times a year (7-10 hour trip depending on kids). With 4 small kids in the "Swagger Wagon" (2011 Toyota Sienna SE) any time saved is a big help. For those of you familar with I5 you will know what a long straight boring drive it is. So here are my questions:

    1. I have read that CHP now uses LIDAR which is almost impossible to detect UNTIL it's too late. I guess i can remove my front license plate to help. I am not ready to spend the money on the laser jammers yet. WIth that in mind should i even buy a radar detector. One question that comes to mind is how many CHP use the LIDAR? If most use k/a radar guns then i will buy the detector. Many posts say if they use LIDAR a radar detector isn't going to help.

    2. If you think i should buy the radar detector I was leaning towards one of these models which claim to cover laser ( I can really afford the escort models or 400.00 models). Can you suggest one for me or review the ones below. I need to buy something by Friday so I prefer to pick something from Best Buy, if you don't like the Beltronics can you suggest another brand. The Whistler XTR-695SE is rated good but they don't have it in stock.

    Beltronics - V8 Radar and Laser Detector - Black
    Model: 015V955-4SKU: 1331138
    Detects all U.S. radar and laser bands; digital POP radar alert; Digital Signal Processing (DSP); digital voice and audio alerts; ultrabright high-definition display $199
    New! Beltronics - V10 Radar/Laser Detector - Platinum
    Model: 015V995-7SKU: 6423872
    AutoScan technology; digital voice alerts; programmable design $249

    THanks so much for any help

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    Default Re: New and Need Help Pls. I5 Disneyland Trip in 2 days!

    Check your local craiglist for a used escort x50 the red display is cheaper or what ever the bel sister model is. I would say get one off eBay but you may not want to spend $30 extra on overnight shipping. But your on the right track buy looking at belcort models. On the trick side if you want to save cash go buy a high end model now and when you get back return it and buy a used model off ebay.
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    Default Re: New and Need Help Pls. I5 Disneyland Trip in 2 days!

    Thanks Marauder,
    Do you have any comments on how effective radar is considering califorina CHP uses Lidar/Laser so much? By the way bestbuy has an escort 750 something and it is about 350.00

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    Default Re: New and Need Help Pls. I5 Disneyland Trip in 2 days!

    I'm sure most or all states use laser but it much less used then radar. There is no protection from laser with radars all they do is tell you your getting a ticket. Your eyes and actual laser devices are your only help. You can get a x50 or it's bel sibling for $150 from eBay that's your best bang for buck. Ask best buy about there return policy if you open it and try to put it back in the packet for you have to rip that thing apart to open and it's hard to put it back and look neat



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