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    Default Got a few questions -- New to the RD scene

    Hi everyone ---

    I currently live in Michigan, but I'm moving to northern California soon. I'm looking for some good suggestions as to what kind of radar/lidar protection I should invest in, and I'd like to hear a what people's specific experiences have been.

    A few specific questions:
    In California, laser shifters are illegal. What then is the best option for protection against lidar? If a vehicle does have laser shifters installed, how easy are they for highway patrols to detect? (And how is detection of laser shifters even done?)

    Besides that, what are some strategies that people have found effective?

    Thanks in advance for any thoughts you can contribute!

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    Default Re: Got a few questions -- New to the RD scene

    Repost questions in the laser section for the pros hang out there to specific questions. Laser jammers (LIs are what most use) with a kill switch after slowing. Some Lidar guns can show jamming codes. (Go to "Guys of Lidar" on the web and you will find most of your answers)....



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