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    Default Hello from SoCal

    Hello everyone!

    Nice to see a radar detector forum on the internet

    The names Joe, currently a college student and a part time worker as a computer repair tech. I currently reside in Rosamond, CA/Antelope Valley area, just a few miles from Willow Springs International Raceway

    Got my FIRST radar detector even though technically this is will be my second one with the exception of a Cobra XRS 9545 which was total garbage, ended up returning it

    Currently own a Beltronics V955 and im loving it, was going to get a Passport 8500 X50 but a friend decided to sell his 955 to me for a slamming deal,
    got it hardwired to my 86 Euro BMW E30 as i do commute alot from Rosamond to Lancaster and back and all it is, is a 15 mile stretch of straight highway!

    Im eager to learn more about radar detectors and its uses, so you could see some questions from me jk ill be doing searches before i post haha
    anyways catch you guys around!
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    Default Re: Hello from SoCal

    Welcome! Post your heart away! LOL....



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