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    Default Just got Escort for Motorcycle

    Looking to make my own power cord. Just need power. Any help appreciated, thx.

    After getting a Reckless and spending $1,200 on an attorney and getting the ticket dropped I finally did this. I have had a Laser Interceptor laser jammer on the bike but no detector. Much less laser where I ride. The round hats are the ones that I am worried about...

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    Default Re: Just got Escort for Motorcycle

    Welcome! You have the cycle section, LI section to aid you better. That is where the pros hang out on those topics..

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    Default Re: Just got Escort for Motorcycle

    The V1 comes with a power adapter so you can run it right off the battery terminal. Plus the V1 has a nice big knob which is easy to control with gloves on.

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    Default Re: Just got Escort for Motorcycle

    I've used Powerlet wiring in the past with real good results. Whether you're going hard-wiring or going to a BMW-style socket for the 12v, I've been real pealsed with Powerlet's stuff. You can always just buy the gauge wire you want and wire things yourself...sometimes cutting off the needed plug from the car version to make your cord.

    For some devices, RAM Mounts have a mount/electrical adapter...but that's more the GPS, iPad, etc. route and not radar.



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