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    Default Hello! Busted in Central FL

    Hello! Long time speed detection addict; 1 speeding ticket. I got caught today by laser, and my detector didn't emit a sound. I researched the specs of my Escort x50 black and it says it detects laser at 904 nm @ 33 Mhz. The laser that got me was a TruSpeed which operates at 905 nm. Is this laser gun undetectable by the new x50? The Redline by comparison offers a range of laser detection, 904 nm +- 11nm

    I understand that laser has a narrower beam divergence, making it harder to pick up. Not to mention the less than 0.4 sec acquisition time. Regardless, I plan to search these forums for options, including Veil coating, because these LEOs on motorcycles are in my daily drive. They used to carry Ka radar only. I suppose they upgraded! Thanks for reading!

    Escort Passport x50 black
    Passport 8500
    Passport 7500
    Cincinnati Microwave Passport
    Uniden RD9, Cobra Trapshooters while in school
    Also a variety of Cobra and Midland CB's with ***

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    If aimed low at the licence plate, chances are you won't get an alert on your detector, specially at close range. The greater the range, the better chances you have to get an alert but a laser alert on a radar detector is an early warning for ticket coming.

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    Welcome! I use to live in your area. The Escorts are not that good on laser detection. The Redline, as one member reported, alarmed laser 3 seconds after his LIs went off, that sucks big time (Escorts are known to be slow or to miss). Acquisition time is not that important. What is important is to get a fast alarm if one does not have jammers because FL law requires the Leos to have a tracking record of your speed. So if your slow RD goes off, the Leo has watched you already for a few seconds, your screwed before you even know it. Veil under 500 ft is useless, need a front plate cover that works, a dirty dull car with no chrome. GOL did a test with a V1 and knocked off a few MPH, check it out in one of their laser test on the web, search Guys of Lidar.....



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