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    I have my share of tickets in CA and need a new detector. Living on the I5 corridor I am running into LIDAR a lot. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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    Hi Brad and welcome... Laser Jammers are what you're looking for. Lots of help here for sure... Speaking from experience. Search the forums and look for reviews. It always helped me to find someone with a similar ride. If it worked on their ride, chances were good I would be fine to. Pics of the install were always helpful as well.

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    Welcome to the forum. Read a lot. You will need jammers and a RD for sure.

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    Since you are in Canada you'll probably want to go with the Redline, and if you have a smartphone getting the Escort Live Adapter would be to your benefit but not needed, get a hold of TurboNerd at tell him I sent you and he will hook you up, if he doesn't then just let me know and I'll get a hold of him.
    As for your jammers, get a hold of Cliff at Laser Interceptor and he will be able to get you the setup that best suites your needs, depending on your vehicle

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    Quote Originally Posted by GreenRadar View Post
    Since you are in Canada ...
    I think he is in California, so I don't know if this would change advised equipment or not RD-wise.

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    V1 with YAV1, and hp-905 quad or duel depending on your budget. if you want to really go above and beyond, get a cb for highway driving, with all the traffic out there you should more than easily pick out the CA police.

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    All these years and no one has ever taken the screen name"Brad".
    congrats on that..
    Anyway, welcome to the forum.

    I new very little when I first started.
    You came to the right place.
    2004 Ford Excursion V10 Eddie Bauer Edition / Mercedes Benz E Class
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    Valentine One Radar Detector's for the past 15 plus years



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