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    I just bought an AntiLaser G9. Going to install it this week on brand new BMW. I have a question about whether or not a 660nm laser from a survey instrument could be used to check out whether the Antilaser is working. I see that there are handheld devices for this purpose, but I have a $50,000 machine that I hope could do the same thing.

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    LOL, Can't answer that one for you. I failed science! I also have the A9's on a Bimmer X5 along with the Beltronic Magnum and love it. I just upgraded to the wireless device as well for the A9 as I found the alarm really not loud enough. (If my wife asks, I paid $300 for everything).

    For testing, do a post or ask the question as to whether somone has a Laser/Lidar gun in your area. Most in the community are more than willing to help out! You should be able to find someone in Alberta to help you out. Ontario has a few guys that do this.

    Good luck with the install. You might need to cut some of your plastic mesh grills just under the front of the hood but you will love it once it's done.




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