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    Default Hello from North New Jersey

    Hello Everyone!

    My name is Mike and I'm new to the forum. I just ordered a Escort Redline that will be here Monday. I plan on purchasing the Escort Live Smartcord direct wire for Iphone to accompany my detector. I've owned a Passport Escort 8500 in the past but sold it years ago. With my purchase of a 2012 VW GTI I figured it would be safe to buy a new detector.

    I'm hoping the Escort live service will do me well. I will be helping out by adding alerts in the Morris County/Union County area.


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    Default Re: Hello from North New Jersey

    welcome, I too have the redline and 9500ix, both have done me well, I purchase the redline for my up coming cross country from TX to MD. I'm currently evaluating my purchase, redline so far the range is incredible. it's mostly quiet in the city, so I'm not understanding others complaints about false.



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