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    Default out of the box troubles with 9500ix

    got a new 9500ix via last week & out of the boxd worked fine. registered it on Escort website and downloaded update tools to pc. Then connected unit via usb, unit was recognized but received message that "90 day update subscription has expired". Said "oh well" have to contact them on Monday then went to use the unit and it won't power up! every time I plug it into my car I get a clicking sound form the unit but no power, unit is unusable. I don't believe in coincidences, could the failed update have something to do with this?

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    Default Re: out of the box troubles with 9500ix

    Welcome ! Sorry to hear about your issues. Try another car, if don't work, return the unit. Why that model?

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    Default Re: out of the box troubles with 9500ix

    Buy a V1 this time



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