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    Default Hello from the northern calif!

    Hello! i've been using radar detector's since... well last year, all happened when i was going to nevada with my relatives to go see my girlfriend (far i know huh?) then while driving down the highway like everyone my brother saw a leo sitting on the side of the road, with some force applied the brakes. too late. ruined vacation.

    so i started off first with a whistler pro 73se, he went to a another of his random road trips and he came back telling me "Dude, this thing saved my (durr) more than 3 times on just one way!

    so i stuck with whistler, then when i had the money (like yesterday heheh) i saw a refur'b Bel Rx65 at fry's for a mere 160$
    It's actually quite frightening how good it blocks false alarms... it kinda makes me wonder if it works...
    I've been sticking it low and clear but i heard people saying high and clear or dead smack center of the windscreen is best... any suggestions?

    X band's off, KA on USA mode... laser on.... K on...

    Well this is a weird way to introduce myself but okay! :P

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    Default Re: Hello from the northern calif!

    Welcome to the forum. The 65 is a great RD, people are still wanting them. But from what I read on these forums you have a lot of laser in California.



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