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    Default Hello to all from Minnesota

    I just wanted to say thanks for all the great info here. I just finished installing my Beltronics Sti-r plus minus the laser shifters(Illegal here). I couldn't be happier with the product!

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    I wanted to post pics pics of my install (I'm pretty proud of it!) I also wanted to get advice on my reciever mounting but I'm not able to post in those threads? I assemble and wire custom and classic cars every day at work but this was the most fun I've ever had at the shop (working on my own car, 2012 Fusion). I have the laser shifters sitting on my counter but I'm hesitant to install them, I hate to give the law a reason to pull me over (as it is illegal to have them here). I was lasered the other night but I wasn't speeding. I feel like in the city (on a side road, say 40 mph SL) there is no way to turn them off quick enough to allow them to get a reading.

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