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    Default Having issues posting....Best NON-DETECTABLE for under $1k?

    I'm a little confused - trying to ask some questions in threads and it won't yet let me reply but lets me post in introductions. No offense but I didn't come here to tell you all about me lol - I want to find the right radar detector for me? Well I guess if this is the only place I can post here goes:

    I live in an area where radar detectors are illegal. I also have an Infiniti with Laser Cruise and Distance Control that I use constantly (40k+ per year).

    After as much research as I can do without being able to ask questions, I've boiled it down to either the Escort CI line (8500ci $800 or 9500ci @ $1800) or the Beltronics STiR @ $1000.

    After quite a bit of research (haven't called them cause its been a long vaca weekend) I do NOT believe the 8500ci is magnesium housed and is detectable - same as the QI45. Do I have that right?

    If so I think that locks me out of Escort becuase I dont want a windsheild mount (Unless there is some way to 100% hide it) and I don't really want/need laser shifting since my cruise will probably constantly mess with it. Do I have that correct?

    Therefore I am leaning towards the STiR @ $1000 which gives me both undetectiblity and component install so I can hide the display in my ashtray.

    Are there other options I am not aware of? And when can I post in real sections?


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    Default Re: Having issues posting....Best NON-DETECTABLE for under $1k?

    Welcome! Search "Guys of Lidar" on the web for some of the models are tested there as far as detectable, plus gives you an indication of performances. The STIr+ is the only way to go for a remote for the Escort is not tops. Most guys also use LI jammers with a V1 for arrows and back up (not neither in your case). A lidar gun should be able to nab your speed but do ask in the lidar section for deeper info for you do have issues dealing with your auto. You should be able to post in the other sections after this thread..

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    Default Re: Having issues posting....Best NON-DETECTABLE for under $1k?

    Thanks NorthAlabama. I appreciate the info and I'm happy to be here!



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