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    Hello Everybody! For the past couple of years, I've been using an Escort Cordless Solo S2. It detects laser and several types of radar, and has good all-direction detecting ability. Unfortunately, (1) it does NOT detect "instant-on" radar (until too late), and now it seems that ALL police EVERYWHERE are now using "instant-on" radar; and (2) it can be detected by "Spectre 4" (and possibly other) radar detector detectors. And, yes, I like to drive (kinda) fast, and yes, I like driving my 1997 Camaro. I live in West Virginia, where radar detectors are allowed, but I work in Virginia, where they're illegal. This past Saturday, I was ticketed in Virginia for having my detector with me, and the state trooper told me that now, all police everywhere are using "instant-on" radar; and today, in Hardy County of West Virginia, I was ticketed for speeding by a county deputy who was using, yes, instant-on radar. I'm wondering if I'm just going to have to drive slow whether I like it or not. I'm also wondering whether anybody makes any kind of device that can help me out. And, yes, I'm wondering whether I'm just a loser and a fool. I do not dislike policemen, and I would never call one a 'pig' or anything like that, since, after all, they do put themselves at risk to protect us all from violent criminals. At the same time, having been born in 1961, and having been driving since 1977, I know full well that the posted speed limit very often has absolute zero to do with how fast a person can actually drive without having an accident.
    By the way, I prefer cordless devices because I just don't like having cords running all over the place. No offense intended to those who do.

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    Welcome! The solo is not good for sure, it sleeps to save battery power. Cordless equipment, sorry, needs small amps to work that batteries can not deal with. I/O is everywhere. I got hit a month ago with a sitting Leo and no other traffic around, deadly mostly. Your going to have to go with a great RD (check out "Guys of Lidar" radar detector test on the web for ideals and learn) like a $399 Valentine One (I use and 19 years paying ticket free) for speed for I/O detection (it is detectable, not for VA). The $499 Escort Redline (non detectable) can miss I/O shots but also has the range, not that super fast (Escorts are slow). Bel has a couple of ok models and Whistler is fairly fast. Got to use a rabbit out front to trip the trap and learn the do's and don'ts of speeding. Yes, your going to get caught sooner or later no matter what RD you use. Beware on what you buy for there are pros and cons on everything...




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