Hi, I'm new here & seeking advice. Thanks in advance for your help.

I live in Utah. What's a smarter buy, a few years old used Valentine One v1.8 for $200 or a brand new Beltroncs Vector v995 for $180?

I did a run on the serial # of the Valentine & they said it needed to be upgraded for $199.

So my question overall would be: does an older Valentine (not upgraded) still out perform a brand new Beltronic v995?


Below is the upgrade description Valentine said it needed:

Our*V1.85 Upgrade* for this series of V1 will produce the following benefits:

Crystal-controlled Frequency Tuning*to permanently safeguard coverage at radar-band edges.

Traffic Monitor Filter*to eliminate K-band false alarms caused by SpeedInfo, a traffic-flow monitoring system that sends frequent K-band radar bursts into the traffic stream. For more information, click here. This software algorithm is installed at the factory but not activated.* For activation instructions, click here.

Extended Serial Protocol (ESP) enhances two-way communication with SAVVY and future peripheral devices.
Full Coverage on POP-covers POP on two bands-specifically the MPH Industries models BEE IIITM (Ka band) and EnforcerTM (K and Ka). *

POP Coverage is Automatic:
There's nothing you must do to activate POP coverage. It's built in, and it operates full time.

How to identify V1s upgraded to two-band POP:
V1 powers up with test sequence of warning lights and sounds. At the conclusion of the test, just before the mode indicator appears in the Bogey Counter, you will see a sequence of "PoP" on V1s with two-band POP coverage.
* A new warning:*When the signal-identification system determines that a current warning is, in fact, a spurious signal transmitted by another detector, it notifies you with a*"dee-dah-doo"*sound and terminates the warning. At the same time, the letter "J" will flash briefly in the Bogey Counter.
* Euro Mode:*You will enjoy longer radar range and fewer false alarms*in Europe and some other countries outside the U.S.*Euro Mode adapts V1's radar sensitivity to the way they use radar for photo enforcement. It narrows and intensifies radar coverage to K and the sections of Ka bands applied there to photo radar. X band is not covered in Euro Mode.*(V1 is already optimized for North American radar as it comes from the factory. Euro Mode is not appropriate for driving here).
This upgrade will install the Euro Mode but you must activate it. To activate, see*How to Reprogram V1 Radar Detector

*One-year limited warranty starting at upgrade date, same as new units. --*Upgrade to V1.85: As soon as we receive your old unit (in operable condition with no tampering of the serial number) we'll replace two circuit boards and install revised firmware, then return it to you in the shortest possible time*with a new serial number to indicate its revised capability.
PRICE: $199 plus shipping