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    Question Escort IQ and ......

    New to the group here, Dallas TX.

    Looking to protect the ole ford raptor .

    Just acquired an Escort IQ ( after my ix got jacked ) ..... What can I add to it for maximum protection??????

    Considering my wife got the IQ for me for christmas im not gonna ditch it, ( just for any of you that don't like it ) but i can sure add to it. :-)

    So im open to all suggestions , jammers im thinking should be next. but looking for some bad ass ideas.


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    Default Re: Escort IQ and ......

    Welcome! Not anyone here would say ditch the IQ just for the reason that one did not like it. It would be only that the performance or your needs would not be a match for your best interest, that is, not getting a ticket. Ask in the Escort section about the IQ, for I am trying to remember something about it, for it is not something that comes up much. I'm trying to remember any test that has been done on it. LIs is tops for jammers and what most use. If you want to get and ideal on the history of jammers, check out the "guys of lidar" on the web for a start.....



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